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People pick fights with us because of some marker on our hands ...

.. isn't there something better worth fighting for?

The O
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Welcome! You're here because you..


If you're offended...

itsajoke itsajoke itsajoke .. lighten up..

Welcome to The O! The O originated in South Florida, who knows where it's at now! haha.. some rules...

WHAT NOT TO POST IN THE COMMUNITY : Meaningless bullshit, jokes and what not are funny, like I've seen people post jokes about the Letter O, straight edge jokes, etc. Thats all cool, but don't post stuff like "oh sXe is so gay!", we are NOT an ANTI-Edge community at all, go read below if you're confused as to what we are. Don't try and get your band shows by using this page. Don't promote your bands shows (unless asking an "O" founder first).. thats basically it. Try and not flood the community with too many posts.

Info --

What should you do in the O? Put big "O"s on your hands at shows instead of X's, and then instead of "taking the commitment and joining the edge" you just have to "pledge O-legiance".

(the following is meant to be taken sarcastically).. The O serves no real purpose besides gathering a bunch of kids in a giant group and making them feel like they belong to something at a show.. so I'm sure we'll get tons of members soon. Since theres no real leader, anyone can join and start telling people there "O" and getting their friends to do it as well! Don't forget your ridiculously large "O" on each hand at shows, and to kick when you mosh and hurt people you don't know for no reason (..end sarcasm)

What are the O requirements? Well, nothing. Anyone can be "O". You can drink, smoke, and have sex and be O. You can also follow straight edge ideas and be O. Since there's a TON of different types of "edge" kids who believe in all types of shit, like no smoking, no caffeine, being vegetarians, etc. etc.. a ridiculous amount of criteria, All won't be listed, just using the general broad term 'straightedge' to talk here. The only people who won't be allowed in The O.. idiots.. closed-minds, and trendy fucks (you know, the ones just doing it to be cool?). This whole thing may just be a joke basically (so if you're offended already, lighten up), but the ideas we follow are still true.

In all seriousness.. The O is about OPEN CHOICE. It's about respect, freedom, unity, equal rights, that kind of shit. NO ONE should be discriminated against because they aren't the same as you. If you know someone who smokes pot and you don't, theres no reason to stop being his friend unless hes posing a real danger to you or himself. Same goes for drinking and all that kinda stuff. They do it, you don't (or do, and if you, just excersize common sense), let them be, they're not hurting anyone, or at least we hope not.

DON'T discriminate, O kids can do whatever they want, the difference with us is that we all respect each others decisions and know we aren't any better than anyone else, if you don't believe that, get out of the community and don't join the O, no one is forcing you. Just for the record, if you think the O is stupid, fine, we're not gonna say, "Oh well you're stupid!" or some crap.. We really never expected as many people to 'join' when this whole thing was started as they have. It was MEANT ORIGINALLY as a joke, never forget that.

Its all good, If you wanna be straight-edge, fine, if you wanna do drugs and drink, fine, but don't be a fucking asshole about it. Except ANYONE, don't think you're the shit. You got these CERTAIN SXE kids act like the fucking KKK, accepting only other SXE kids as their friends and shutting out all other points of views and people and thinking their almighty and superior.. granted not ALL sXe kids act like that, a great majority of them that I've talked to, do..

The O is the exact opposite.. except, hey, we want to make fun of those militant SXE kids, because its funny, isn't it? If you really believe all the stuff sXe kids claim, why do you have to put a big X on your hand to announce it to the world? No one cares, theres no need to tell anyone unless beer of pot or something is being waved in your face and offered to you. For EX. If someone tells me their jewish, its not like I say "IM CHRISTIAN, BACK OFF YOU FUCKER!". Its not like its your RELIGION and you're wearing a cross necklace.. but see.. thats the prob... these kids are thinking its a religion almost.. scary. The O.. is about respect, and fun. Have fun with it.

The O accepts all religions, races, colors, beliefs, sexes, etc.

^^^^ all this shit, doesn't mean anything, because ultimately, this is a joke. So critique this syllabus, point out flaws, errors, contradictions all you want, they're supposed to be there.. have fun.